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ReKindle Ministries is the teaching, speaking, and writing ministry of Dr. Joe Loughlin. If you want the combination of inspiration, humor, and practicality for your program or event, then Joe Loughlin is the speaker for you! A master story teller, Joe holds his audiences spell bound with the art of creatively communicating the truths of God’s Word in practical and relevant ways. He is best known for two traits: being real and really funny. When you hear Joe speak, you might find yourself laughing one minute, crying the next, and even feeling the need to say “ouch” on occasion. Regardless, you’ll walk away feeling encouraged, refreshed, and like you’ve heard directly from God.

Joe’s ministry has refreshed hearts and spiritual lives for twenty-three years, on both the east and west coasts, in fifteen states, and on the continents of Europe and North Africa.

South Arican Spiritual Renewal Conference
Just Add Water
Just Add Water

In this light and refreshing book, master story teller, Joe Loughlin, shares his favorite stories about the most hilarious things he has seen happen in church. Playing on the theme that the funniest stuff seems to happen during the big, special events, Joe shares mishaps that have occurred during baptisms (Just Add Water and Seven Baptisms on a Wednesday Night), weddings (Deadly Beloved and Her Mother and I), communion (When Deacon Spread the Bread), and, yes, even funerals (The Wrong Grave).

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"You always have a way of saying the serious things in a digestible way. Precisely the encouragement we needed. We will use ReKindle again!"

Austin Ryan, Minister of Worship/Arts, Copperfield Church, Houston, Texas

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Prayer Support--ReKindle's success requires more than me just showing up and speaking well. ReKindle engages the realm of the spirit and eternity, and, therefore, depends upon the participation of God's power through prayer, 1 Corinthians 2:1-5.


Financial Support--First, please join us in praising God for His financial provision for this ministry. In our first seven years of full-time operation...


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